about us


Actors and Arts started operations in 1982. Our reputation for quality, creativity and consistency grew rapidly and soon we broadened our experience in commercial, extras and movie casting. In a fast-paced industry, casting companies come and go, but Actors and Arts retains it's leading position with customers who have been using our services over many years, and constantly attracts new customers who benefit from our expertise in the field.


Our strengths:


    • Experience - over 20 years of recruitment, consultation, research and selection.


    • Quality - we know our customers depend on it, and so do we, as over 2,000 castings and successfully selected actors, models and artists prove.


    • International reach - we have a network of casting partners across the globe (Worldwide Casting), enabling us to find exactly the profile you are looking for.


    • Targeted casting - whether it's a special look, culture, language, style or type - we pay attention to briefings and scripts, read storyboards and consult with customers and agents to make sure nobody is wasting their time!
    • The Actors and Arts Database - regularly updated, this industry leading database contains over 10,000 profiles.
    • Medium of actors for photos, film and advertisement - for more information visit www.peopleagency.de